Bugbee Historical Society Center

Our Genealogical research staff will search an individual using the resources of the Killingly Historical & Genealogical library, the Killingly Town Hall, or will travel to area town halls with prior consent of our patrons. The services include research for information concerning one individual. Family members are a additional cost. The charge does not include the cost of copies, registered vital certificates, land or probate copies or mileage (42 cents per mile) for out of town searches. Please consult the list below for charges.


Please note: We are a non-profit group, supported in our work by the volunteer efforts of our membership and by donations from interested people in our community. In addition, to meet the cost of our programs, projects and materials we ask members for a donation of annual membership fees; likewise, for services we might perform that run into additional cost, we ask for minimal fees to defray such expenses. All of this is listed below. Please consider becoming a member. And by all means, let us know how we can help you in your own interests.


Individual Search fee $15.00
Multiple searches (per hour rate)  $20.00
Probate Search (you will be billed $1.00 per page for copies) $25.00
Land records search (plus $1) ($1.50 for 11 x 17) per page for copies) $25.00
Registered vitals (Births, Deaths, Marriages) from town clerk, $20 each in CT  $20.00
Transcription of Vital Records attested to by KHGS plus above search fee $ 2.50
Copies of Society photo or postcard collections  are $2.00 per page. $ 2.00
Photocopies are 25 cents each except for those noted above.  $   .25
Mileage cost for out-of-town search $   .42

Please print a copy of the research request form (PDF). Fill out the form and mail it along with a check or money order payable to the Killingly Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. and mail to Killingly Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. P. O. Box 265, Danielson, CT 06239.  All orders require payment of $15 or more up front with request, and then we will bill you for any additional charges.  All payments must be in U. S. dollars.  Every effort will be made to locate the information you have requested.  Please make sure you provided enough information on your request form.

Please return the form, payment & a business sized, self-addressed stamped envelope to:

The Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society
196 MAIN ST.
P.O. BOX 265